Month: April 2012

10 Things To Know If You Get Arrested

If you get arrested there are a few things you should know to avoid getting yourself in more trouble!

#1 – Remain calm and composed.

#2 – Do not resist arrest. Minnesota law does not allow the right to resist an arrest, even if you believe it’s being done against your rights!

#3 – Don’t make any statements to the police. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. Your actions, if arrested, should be simply ask for your attorney. It is your legal right, and the only thing you should say.

#4 – Do not lie. You are not required by law to speak to law enforcement authorities. However, if you choose to speak to them, you are obligated to tell the truth. If it can later be shown that you provided false information, you could be charged with making false statements or aiding an offender to escape arrest or prosecution.

#5 – Do not give permission to search anywhere. If the arresting officer asks, it’s typically because he/she knows they don’t have the right to search and need your consent. If you are ordered to hand over your keys, make sure you tell the officer they do not have your permission to search.

#6 – Do not believe what the police tell you in order to get you to talk.They are allowed to lie to a suspect in order to get you to make admissions.

#7 – Do call your lawyer! You have the right to make a local phone call and the police cannot listen if you use that call to contact a lawyer.

#8 – Do not invite the police into your home or “step outside.” If the police believe you’ve committed a felony, they usually need an arrest warrant to go into your home to arrest you. If they ask you to step outside, they no longer need that warrant. Simply say that you’re comfortable talking right where you are.

#9 – Do not accept an offer by police to let you go inside if you are arrested outside. When the police escort you inside, they’ll likely conduct a search without a warrant. Refuse offers to secure your car safely for the same reason.

#10 – Do have cash on hand to make bail. If you don’t and you are arrested on a Friday night, you’re in for a long weekend in jail!

If you are cited or arrested remember you can always contact the Flanagan Law Office, in Hugo, Minnesota, to speak with an experienced attorney about your situation and to learn more information about your rights.
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New Minnesota Fireworks Law

Fireworks DebateThe Minnesota House will now allow residents to purchase and use powerful aerial fireworks a few weeks a year.

House members voted 77-50 to approve the bill on Monday April 23rd to let Minnesotans utilize skyrockets, firecrackers and multiple-tube devices five weeks a year, from June 1 through July 5 each year. The House bill also allows some local regulations that could restrict but not prohibit fireworks use.

The House approved this version of the bill, but it must now go back to the Senate, which passed a slightly different version. If it’s approved there, it will go to Governor Mark Dayton.

The state currently allows small, ground-based fireworks such as sparklers, snakes and small cones. This bill would open up the state to various types of fireworks which many Minnesotans now buy legally in Wisconsin but set off illegally at home.