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Representing Clients Charged With Domestic Violence in Minnesota

In Minnesota and throughout the United States, there has been a surge in the number of people arrested for alleged domestic violence and spousal abuse. These charges are often complex due to the relationships and the fear, anger and other emotions involved between the parties, the circumstances of the alleged crimes as well as the evidence, or lack thereof, proving that domestic violence has taken place.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side is an important way to ensure that your rights are protected. At the Flanagan Law Office, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, domestic violence attorney Patrick W. Flanagan has more than 15 years of experience in criminal law. He understands how to properly investigate claims of domestic violence in order to expose false and exaggerated claims and present an effective defense for clients.

As an attorney who cares about his clients and believes every individual deserves personalized attention, attorney Flanagan offers cost-effective legal services to individuals facing charges of domestic violence or spousal abuse. Contact the law office to learn more.

Defending Against Allegations of Abuse in Domestic Situations

Allegations of domestic abuse can come from spouses, children, family members, domestic partners, roommates or others who are living in the same household as those who are accused of abuse. In some situations, alcohol and drugs are involved and alleged victims may fabricate or embellish what actually occurred. Other situations arise where assault accusations are made in an attempt to gain an advantage in divorce and custody proceedings.

Unfortunately, police officers who arrive at these scenes do not know what happened. They get two conflicting stories and create police reports that are mostly, if not completely, hearsay from victims and witness accounts. Police officers can only testify to what they physically observed, not what other people have told them. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Patrick Flanagan will attempt to find out what really happened.

Representing Clients in Restraining Order Disputes

The Flanagan Law Office also handles cases involving violations of orders for protection and no-contact orders. Charges for these violations are mainly based on technicalities. Attorney Flanagan knows how to evaluate these alleged violations and will strive to have the charges dropped or mitigated.

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