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Any charge of a violent crime has the potential to permanently impact the life and future of a suspect but individuals convicted of manslaughter, attempted murder or murder can face lengthy prison terms, including life sentences, as well as other, life altering consequences. In order to present an effective defense against these kinds of charges, it is critical to have an experienced attorney who will exhaust every legal option to obtain a successful resolution.

At the Flanagan Law Office, in Hugo, experienced criminal defense lawyer Patrick Flanagan represents defendants in murder cases throughout the state of Minnesota. Since 1993, he has helped many clients find successful resolutions on a wide range of state and federal criminal offenses. As a seasoned litigator and a knowledgeable attorney, Mr. Flanagan aggressively pursues every possible defense for his clients and is committed to protecting their rights.

If you have been charged with a serious violent crime, including murder or manslaughter, make sure that your voice is heard. Contact the Flanagan Law Office to arrange a free initial consultation.

Murder and Violent Crimes Defense

Murder charges and the potential penalties upon conviction for those charges can widely vary depending on the circumstances. The thought put into the crime and the level of premeditation, as well as the negligence or recklessness of acts that led to the death of the victim, are all taken into consideration by prosecutors and others in the criminal justice system.

The Flanagan Law Office handles many types of murder cases, including:

  • First-degree murder, which is premeditated and intentional
  • Second-degree and unintentional murder
  • Manslaughter or third-degree murder
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Murder committed during the commission of another criminal act, such as burglary or robbery

Attorney Patrick Flanagan is a former chief prosecutor in Minnesota and understands how prosecutors will attempt to build a case against you. Mr. Flanagan will thoroughly examine every piece of evidence, including the procedures followed by police when obtaining that evidence, in order to understand the events in question and present an effective defense.

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