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Property crimes in Minnesota can range in severity from misdemeanors to felonies, but any criminal conviction for theft or another property crime has the potential to permanently impact your life. At the Flanagan Law Office, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, theft crime defense lawyer Patrick W. Flanagan represents individuals accused and charged with property crime offenses, ranging from mugging to house or garage theft. Since 1993, Mr. Flanagan has defended clients in state and federal courts throughout the state of Minnesota.

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Property Crimes in Minnesota

There are three main property crimes that are routinely handled at the Flanagan Law Office, including:

  • Burglary: The breaking and entering of a person’s home or a business with the intent to commit theft is a crime, even if no actual theft occurs.
  • Robbery: In a robbery, the suspect uses force or the threat of force to take property or compel a person to give property. This crime can be considered aggravated if a weapon is used or if the victim is seriously injured or killed.
  • Shoplifting and other theft: When a person takes the property of another without authority, it can be considered theft. The amount of property taken and other circumstances of the theft are considered when charges are brought.

Common acts of theft in the Twin Cities involve the taking of cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other motor vehicles, trailers, coats and other clothing, copper pipes and wires, and many other high-value items.

Analyzing Your Charges and Protecting Your Rights and Future

Police officers and prosecutors often look for ways to inflict harsher penalties on a suspect. Having an accurate understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding allegations of theft or other property crimes is critical to presenting an effective defense. Also, depending upon your criminal history and the sentencing guidelines in your specific case, you could face a variety of penalties, including a prison sentence of anywhere from five to 40 years.

Many of these cases depend upon the proper identification of a suspect. Police officers may make arrests based upon false identifications by witnesses, illegal stops or searches or other police errors. From interviewing eyewitnesses to obtaining DNA results, Attorney Flanagan works hard to ensure that your rights are always protected and that you are not convicted for a crime that you did not commit.

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