State v. Graber, 12/07/16; 02-CR-16-1317; Theft; Mis-identification – Case Dismissed

State v. Derosier, 12/6/16; 02-CR-16-2829;  Assault; Facts do not support conviction- Case Dismissed

State v. Herbst, 06/04/15; 02-CR-15-3634; Alleged Careless Driving; Continue for Dismissal

State v. Salley; 02-CR-15-8282, Count 1) Criminal damage to property; Count 2) False Name to Peace Officer; Case Dismissed

State v. Wallace, 8/8/2016, charges: Interfere with 911, Domestic Assault; Case Dismissed

State v. Burgess, 7/25/2016, Theft charge, Case Dismissed

State v. Hallaran, 4/6/16, 02-CR-15-7678, alleged Theft, continue for dismissal

State v. Anderson, 3/1/16, 02-CR-15-5698, alleged Assault, case dismissed

State v. Serfling, 2/8/16, 02-CR-15-3583, alleged assault, case dismissed

State v. Eckhart, 2/8/16, 02-CR-15-6846, alleged DANCO violation, case dismissed

State v. Batta, 7/28/15, 02-CR-15-4072, alleged DANCO violation, case dismissed

State v. Tarrel – 3/20/14 – 27-CR-13-14751; 5th Degree possession with gun charge; Statute called for a mandatory minimum 3 years in prison; Received a downward departure, stayed sentence

State v. Lambert – 2/27/14 – 02-CR-14-137; Domestic Assault; Case Dismissed

State v. Tarrel – 3/20/14 – 27-CR-13-12539; 2nd Degree Controlled Substance; Guidelines called for a 58 month commit to prison; Received a downward downward departure, stayed sentence

State v. Meriwether, 19HA-CR-13-3581; Felony Controlled Substance Crime; Contested Omnibus, challenged probable cause for search warrant; Court Finds no probable cause for search warrant; Case Dismissed

State v. Gist, 2/4/14, 02-CR-13-2356, Theft, Case Dismissed

State v. Jeppesen, 3/20/14, 02-CR-13-5900 & 02-CR-13-7191, Disorderly House, Case Dismissed

State v. Bourgoin, 3/24/14, 02-CR-13-7955, Domestic Assault, Case Dismissed

State v. Dotson, 3/24/14, 02-CR-13-5856, Theft, Case Dismissed

State v. Lee; 02-CR-13-4468; 1/13/14; Disorderly Conduct – Case Dismissed

State v. Gorshe, 02-CR-13-4466; 12/9/13; Theft – Case Dismissed

State v. Winfield, 02-CR-13-3997; Domestic Assault; Case Dismissed

Despite Three weeks of evidence, 55 witnesses presented by the United States Government against 4 defendants, Patrick Flanagan was able to secure a not guilty verdict on a complicated bank fraud case for his client.  Unfortunately this case also resulted in guilty verdicts on two other bank fraud charges and one conspiracy count.  U.S.A v. Maxwell, et al.  Cr-11-369

State v. Bohlman; 02-CR-09-10383; 02/02/2010; Felony Theft; Case Dismissed

State v. Perry; 02-CR-09-7360; 02/03/2010; Felony 5th Degree Controlled Substance; Dismissed for Lack of Probable Cause

State v. Stoffers; 02-CR-10-7160; 03/29/2011; Felony Theft of Motor Vehicle; Case Dismissed.

State v. Stewart; 02-CR-12-6879; 02/13/2013; Theft; Case Dismissed

State v. Coley; 02-CR-10-5086; 2/18/2011; Kidnapping and Armed Robbery; Case Dismissed

State v. Johnson, 02-CR-09-3158; 7/28/2011; Kidnapping, Assault in Second Degree; Not Guilty by reason of mental illness pursuant to Rule 20.02

State v. Adams; 02-CR-13-289; 5/6/2013; Felony Domestic Assault and Felony Domestic Assault By Strangulation; Case Dismissed

State v. Scott, 02-CR-13-14, 4/29/2013, Motion Filed for Illegal Search; Case Dismissed

State v. Eisenzimmer, 02-CR-12-3045, 04/15/2013, Criminal Damage To Property, Case Dismissed

State v. Lowery, 02-CR-12-9003, 03/06/2013, Theft, Case Dismissed

State v. White, 02-CR-12-6164, 10/8/12, Domestic Assault, Case Dismissed

State v. Silk, 02-CR-12-3564, Gross Misdemeanor Driving After Cancellation and Violation of a Restricted Driver’s License – Ignition Interlock; Case Dismissed

State v. Williams, 02-CR-10-4076, Theft, Case Dismissed

State v. Brown, 02-CR-11-8566, Violation of an Order for Protection, Case Dismissed

State v. Helmke, 02-CR-11-6157, 04/16/2012, Possession of Stolen Property, Case Dismissed

State v. Schultz, 02-CR-11-3349, 04/09/2012, Theft, Case Dismissed

State v. Smith, 04/02/2012, 02-CR-12-957, Assault, Case Dismissed

U.S.A. V. Williams; 11-CR-229; Conspiracy to Possess With Intent to Distribute a Detectable Amount of Oxycodone, a felony – Federal. Sentenced to probation, no executed prison

State v. Aidruss, January 23, 2012, 62-CR-11-9145, Felony drug possession, Case dismissed

State v. Smith, 02-CR-11-6328, Theft, January 18, 2012, Case continued for Dismissal

State v. Haroldson, 02-CR-11-21323, Driving After Cancellation, Case Dismissed

State v. Ellis – 02-CR-11-1262 – Felony Domestic Abuse No Contact Order Violation, September 19, 2011, Case Dismissed

State v. Ellis – 02-CR-10-6579 – Felony Domestic Assault and Felony Terroristic Threats, September 19, 2011, Case Dismissed

State v. Fofana, 09/07/11, DUI – Hit and Run. Felonies Dismissed.

State v. Bunch, 08/08/11, Simple Robbery. Case Dismissed

State v. Lee, 12/15/10, Controlled Substance in the Fifth Degree. Not-guilty verdict.

State v. Hoberg, 33-CR-10-85, Kanabec County, 4 Counts of Felony Terroristic Threats, “The Court concludes that a reasonable person reading these comments, in the on line context as presented, would not view them as a threat to cause harm to the elected officials.” “The charges against the Defendant as set forth in the criminal complaint are dismissed and the criminal file shall be closed.”

State v. McCauley, June 2, 2010, Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, Case Dismissed

State v. Joseph’s, Assault, 5-12-10, Jury Trial Setting, Case Dismissed

State v. Winfield, Anoka County; Felony Receiving Stolen Property. The only evidence connecting the defendant to the crime is a statement of the co-defendant, which is not sufficient evidence to sustain a conviction. Complaint Dismissed.

State v. Tel, 03/25/2010; First Degree Criminal Damage To Property, “Without further evidence the State is unable to overcome [the] defense.” Complaint Dismissed.

State v. Johnson, 8/11/2009; Armed Robbery; “Defendant’s role in the Columbia Heights robbery cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.” Case Dismissed. Anoka County

State v. Darst, 3/23/2009; Defendant is found Not Guilty of the crime of Burglary in the First Degree. Hennepin County

State v. Jacobson, 4/5/2007; We the jury find the defendant not guilty of Obstructing an Officer with force. Mille Lacs County

State v. Minor, 1/4/2008; The State has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Defendant is guilty of possession of a controlled substance. Not Guilty. Anoka

State v. Hussein, 4/7/2008; The Defendant is found not guilty of Driving Under The Influence. Ramsey County

State v. Gardner, 1/16/2008; There is insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Case Dismissed. Anoka County

State v. Sayers, 6/27/2008; Second Degree Intentional Murder; The State failed to produce evidence necessary to establish that Defendant should stand charges of Second Degree Intentional Murder and the case his hereby dismissed.

Mower County v. Heimer et al. Trial and Court of Appeals. Civil. Representing County on Eminent Domain. Statutory restrictions were not circumvented on County’s use of eminent domain.