Police Warn Boaters: Don’t drink and drive!

Police officers from the twin cities told WCCO they’ll be watching boaters this weekend before July 4th to the send this stern message – they will not tolerate anyone boating under the influence!

Officers say they’ll look for boaters whose blood alcohol content is at or over the .08 limit. However, some people won’t even realize they’ve hit the limit until it’s too late.

Captain Greg Salo said gradual drinking can get boaters in the most trouble.

“It’s far worse to start off slow and go all day long consuming alcohol, you may not think you are consuming much, but it builds up in your body, and that’s where people really get into trouble,” said Salo.

In half of the 16 boating deaths last year in Minnesota, alcohol played a factor in half of them. One of the more heavily patrolled lakes is Lake Minnetonka.

Captain Greg Salo also says drinking can be deadly for people who aren’t driving the boat. “We see a big problem with alcohol and drownings, people forget to wear their life jackets or think they can do more than they can.”

If you happen to find yourself in trouble this weekend you can always contact the Flanagan Law Office anytime to speak with an experienced attorney: (651) 200-3484.

Have a safe holiday weekend!