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Strong Defense for Driving Under the Influence in Minneapolis and St. Paul

After being stopped and arrested for a DUI/DWI in the Twin Cities or the state of Minnesota, you are likely to have many questions about what will happen next and what you can do to protect your rights.

  • How can I prevent the forfeiture of my vehicle or the property in my vehicle?
  • Will I lose my driver’s license?
  • Will I have to go to jail?

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, DUI/DWI defense attorney Patrick W. Flanagan can help you answer these and other questions after a drunk driving arrest. He will also provide honest advice about your defense options and your chances of success in the criminal process. Since 1993, Mr. Flanagan has practiced criminal law in Minnesota and understands how to present an effective defense in DUI and other criminal defense cases.

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DUI Defense Attorney: Was the Police Stop Valid?

One factor attorney Flanagan can review is whether the original police stop was valid. Police officers must have probable cause to pull someone over. Police officers must also read suspects their Miranda rights during DUI arrests, as the failure to read these rights properly is grounds for challenges to the legality of the arrests.

Experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul Lawyer: Can You Beat a Breathalyzer Test?

Police officers often rely upon field tests and chemical tests, including Breathalyzer tests, to determine a suspect’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Breathalyzer machines and other testing machines must be calibrated and maintained properly and other tests must be given in the proper manner. Otherwise, results of these tests may be thrown out, which may allow you to beat Breathalyzer test results from your original stop.

Discussing All Potential Options to Help Clients Improve Their Future Outlook

The law office also recognizes that many clients who are arrested for DUIs often need help. For some clients, attorney Flanagan will help get them into treatment programs or participate in chemical dependency evaluations.

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